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【Pre-Summer Rewards:15% K Dollar Rebate】

17/06/2022 - 17/07/2022
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【Pre-Summer Rewards:15% K Dollar Rebate】

17/06/2022 - 17/07/2022
THE FOREST 15% K Dollar Rebate Program
Activity Period: From 17 June 2022 to 17 July 2022
During the activity oeriod, participants who are both KLUB 11 members and K Dollar Program members and have bound their respective KLUB 11 membership with their corresponding K Dollar Program account may, subject to these Terms and Conditions, receive the following rebate reward:
Members who spend K Dollars in one single eligible transaction at any participating merchant of THE FOREST may receive a rebate of 15% on the amount of K Dollars spent for that same eligible transaction. K Dollar rebate under the activity will be credited to the member’s account in the form of K Points with K Dollar rebate of each transaction calculated to the nearest whole number. K Dollar rebate in the form of K Points earned hereunder will be automatically credited to members’ accounts in three working days after the eligible transaction is verified and confirmed by NWIL and shall expire by 30 September 2022.
Redemption Restrictions:
(a) K Dollars spent are not reversible nor refundable.
(b) During the activity period, each member is entitled to receive a maximum of 100 K Dollars from the reward per day.
Example: A member who spends 200 K Dollars at one of the participating merchants will get a rebate of 30 K Dollars.

Participating Merchant List:
8FIVE2 — G6, G/F
Adidas Performance — G3-5, G/F
ASCNT — G1-2, G/F
ASICS — 101, 1/F
Black Diamond — 213, 2/F
BIGPACK — 203, 2/F
BIGPACK Café — 215, 2/F
Chef and Taste — G12, G/F
COMRADE Concept Store — 114, 1/F
C.P.U. — 102-105, 1/F
Green Common — 110A,B&111, 1/F
Mizuno — 106, 1/F
Mom's Dry Noodle — 204 - 205, 2/F
Nike Jordan — G10, G/F
POPS Optic — 208&216B, 2/F
PROTREK — 214, 2/F
PUMA — G9, G/F
Style Plus — 211, 2/F
Salomon — 202, 2/F
The Overlander — 201, 2/F

Terms and Conditions apply.
Special Offer: Redeeming a gift by same-day registeration 
Members who register their spending via 'K11 HK' App on the same date of the eligible transaction is eligible to redeem a gift at THE FOREST's Concierge on 2/F. While stock lasts.
*Applicable to all merchants.


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