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AIGLE—master rubber craftsman, bringing the French outdoor lifestyle to urban city - The Forest. Introducing natural light into their store, the designer would like to let the consumers experiencing the authentic and natural French lifestyle within the busy cityscape of Hong Kong. The newest concept store design blends in the iconic boot bar display with the signature French home greenhouse concept, which further emphasizing AIGLE's most historically representative rubber boots. Most of the furniture in-store is hand-picked by the designer and imported directly from France so that customers can situate themselves within a classical French design environment during their shopping experience, understand AIGLE's history and the story behind their products.

With over 160 years history, AIGLE—master rubber craftsman since 1853—continues to hand make their boots in France and combines style and functionality in shoes and clothing by a unique know-how technique to protect man in nature.

20/03/2019 - 22/03/2022

Shop 209, 210 & 216A
(Mon - Sun) 11:00 - 20:00
2362 2183

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